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Analytics and Audit Improve Company Visibility

Measurement and optimization are the cornerstones of all online marketing activity. Analytics and Audit offer a whole-picture approach.


Complete company analysis

As audit junkies, we perform a complete analysis and audit of your company website. Beginning with understanding your business, we assess your indexability, accessibility, off-page/ on-page ranking factors and competition.

SEO best practices and procedures are constantly changing and this makes conducting periodic assessments essential. A full-fledged SEO Audit involves evaluating the current optimization state of your website and determining the adjustments to be made. Our Expert Audit Team offers post-audit recommendations on website design modifications, keyword usage, content marketing and everything else. We ensure your business is not missing out on potential customers that arrive at your website through the search engines.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Your decision on how your business might want to move forward is based on the current performance. We work closely with you to help you see how all your online marketing efforts play off each other. A wide-range of dedicated tools and resources help us understand how your marketing efforts are affecting the full picture. Our final analysis and audit reports on our findings and recommendations on re-prioritizing your efforts/channels are critical to achieving marketing success.

Future performance strategy

Our holistic approach to analyzing and auditing your complete business is intended to give you a clear picture of how your business is doing, where it's going and the specific areas you should be investing more of your time and resources. 

Business optimizing behavior

We rely on superior enterprise technology for optimizing behavior such as maximization of resources and profitability.  Every project is stand-alone with a personalized plan that reflects and represents the specific business needs and goals of each client.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We set specific and measurable goals that serve your company’s marketing objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We offer both Web Analytics and Market Analytics – all in Real Time. We first define your audiences by creating personas that describe them, their needs, their likes and dislikes, and what they expect from you and your competitors.  We focus on your site results and in-page analytics. Our Market Analytics goes beyond the cookie cutter KPIs, giving you a wide angle view of what's happening beyond your website. Your competitor landscape is analyzed to see what you’re up against. Our experts are waiting to team up with you and create a personalized strategy for your business success, based on your goals and time frame for fulfillment. 



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